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Looking for you

Looking wide aside looking wide above,
looking for someone to love

can´t find anybody anywhere
such a big space but no ones aware

looking in your eyes looking for the see
looking for some girl just to be with me

theres to much love leying in my heart,
and theres no one to take something (from) apart

the hell what shall i do
oder what the hell shall i do
i spent my whole live just looking for you

Looking wide aside looking through the night
Looking for my princess and I´ll be your knight

I´d give you everything of me everything i´ve got
My whole love and never i will stop

I need somebody to take home with me at night,
to wake up with you, babe on my side bzw sight

Looking wide aside looking wide above,
looking for someone to love

then i thought i made some good find
i saw you even in the distance totally kind

From that moment on i stopped looking around
Cause you are my girl which i finally found

Then we met first time and i wondered why we earlier couldn´t find
Looking at you so beautiful sweet for perfection even totally kind

I can´t live without you anymore
I gave you my promise of love long time before

Looking for your eyes looking for the sun
Just looking for you to come

But where are you why aren´t you there
My loves just for you so i don´t care


I love you now I´ll love you forever,
my love for you is independence from the weather

When I look at you I see yor eyes shinin bright,
on my way through live you´re my guidance light

You´re my girl I´m your boy,
just believe,
for me you´re no toy

Can you give me just one second to look in your face,
to wonder about your beauty different from any race

Where from do you take the right to be as beauty as you are,
just with your voices sound you could stop any war

Withot you I´m feelin lonely babe so alone,
I´m just sitting there crying when you´re gone

Babe tell me could you love me as I do (I you),
all I want to live for is just you

23.1.07 12:53

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